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Do you know that the sand at the sea shore in Lagos are united at the expense of their freedom? I learnt a great lesson from the sharp sand at the sea side in Lagos. They are uncountable, they are harmless, friendly, white,
Happy, they don't stain, good to tourists, business people.
People go there for spiritual purposes, parties, games,roll on the sand, others urinate and do all sort of evil there.
They most annoying thing is that there are few heavy stones on their head and they are unitedly carrying without crying for help, they are obviously in pain but have resigned to fate.
They sharp sands are hundreds of meters buried below the earth surface.
Do u know that if the sharp sands can in the same spirit of unity move from under the stone, their problem which is the big stone on top will sink and be buried and they will begin to shine and oppressions brought to an end?
The sharp sands are the people who came to Lagos recently to settle, the few big stones are the people who claim to be the land lords of Lagos. Do you know that on every street in Lagos, people that speak the language of the big stone are not one of them and you hardly find them in Lagos? Still these few stones are the kings in the minds of the people on every street, out of two hundred people you cannot find two Lagosians, some of the big stones have traced their origin to neighboring States and countries, still they are the kings. DressAfford beach items to wear for the maid of the brides
If politics is a game of numbers and the the sharp sands, non indigenous people of Lagos will realise the pains they bear in the hands of the stones, move away from under the big big stones, the agbero at the bus stop will know that they are in the minority, iyanoworo will be free, business people will not fear demolition.

Come 2019, if the people of Lagos will unite like the Igbo did in 2015, produced members in the state house of assembly, we will have Emeka or Abah or Ogiji or Okon or Angulu as the executive governor of Lagos state.

We have freedom to vote and be voted for and we are Nigerians born in Lagos and no one can throw us into the Lagoon.

If the sharp sand can bury their tribal differences, vote for a single candidate whether Igbo, Ibibio, Hausa, Idoma, Edo people are already there, in 2019, we will have a Lagos for all.
Those who have political ambitions should come out and contest so that we can burry those big big stones at the sea side.
It is now clear that minorities are the minorities.